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25 Ideas For Kitchen in Scandinavian Style

Lisbeth Marcher 0

Want to create the kitchen of your dreams? How about a Scandinavian style? Today we will show you 25 beautiful Scandinavian kitchens, tell you about their main features and share practical tips on decorating
Scandinavian style with every passing day is gaining popularity. He conquers with his laconic forms, extraordinary ease, naturalness and simplicity. If you want your kitchen to be functional, cozy and without any pretentiousness – the Scandinavian style will prove to be very useful. Let’s deal with its main features on real examples.

Scandinavian style is perfect for kitchens of different areas and layouts. A spacious room will look even more airy, with such a stylistic solution you will be able to emphasize its dimensions.

But still, the most useful for you is this style in the presence of a small kitchen, because you can visually increase the space, make it more ergonomic and light. So use the Scandinavian style safely, if you want to “squeeze” the maximum out of your “baby.”

The most popular color for the decoration of Scandinavian cuisine can be called white. You most likely noticed that it is a kind of a visiting card of this style.

Pairing with white is often used black, this solution allows you to emphasize some details, make the space more spectacular and graphic. Someone selects only small objects, and the bravest even dare to apply a dark color in large numbers.

Sometimes you want to move away from all this snow-whiteness, then gentle pastel shades will come to the aid. In addition to white and black, the Scandinavian style quite allows the use of other colors. The kitchen is very harmonious with furniture in barely perceptible blue tones.

Kitchen set in a pastel mint shade, too, looks quite unusual, but at the same time stylish and appropriate. The main thing, do not load space with a lot of bright colors, let them occur only in the form of small accents. Otherwise Scandinavian magic will not work.

Please note that in Scandinavian kitchens, the top modules of the kitchen set are often not available, thus it is possible to “lighten” the space and fill it with even more light.

If you do not want to leave this place completely empty, you can make open shelves that look visually lighter than closed upper lockers.

Another characteristic feature of Scandinavian cuisine, and indeed of any room in this style is the abundance of natural wood. It adds warmth and comfort, without it one can feel that something is missing.

Natural earth shades will also help create a warmer atmosphere with your presence.

In the decoration of Scandinavian cuisines very often there is a brick. This simple material is able at one time to transform the room, it will help make the space more textured and shade the white interior.

You can brick one wall, making it an accent room. And what about the apron? Also a pretty interesting option. Our editorial staff, however, would advise him to cover up the sheet of glass from above, so that it would be more practical.

If there is no desire to bother with a brick, you can go the other way by applying a tile called a “metro” or “hog”.

In addition, an apron in Scandinavian cuisine can be presented in a variety of designs: from glass to mosaic.

The floor in the Scandinavian interior in most cases is covered with boards of light wood or laminate. Choose a cover that will merge with the rest of the interior and will not attract special attention.

The floor should serve as a backdrop for furniture and fabrics, it can even be called the fifth wall. By the way, it looks very nice board, painted white. You will get a wonderful result – all the boundaries of the room are blurred and the kitchen seems much larger than it really is.

To ensure that the floor does not seem cold and uncomfortable, just put a small cute mat. Choose something colored, it will also revive the white kitchen.
With special love and trepidation, the Scandinavians refer to striped black and white rugs. Elegant and universal, you will not say anything.

A good alternative to a wooden floor or a laminate is a tile laid out in staggered order. Speaking of the color combination, I must say that here the classics of the genre are white in combination with black.

Why not add some brightness to Scandinavian cuisine? The luminaire of a saturated yellow color will be very useful here.

Or it can be bright textiles paired with a picture on the wall. Live flowers are also good at this role.

Did you notice that almost all the photos do not have curtains or blinds on the windows? This is also a distinctive feature of Scandinavian interiors. If the “bare” windows are taboo for you, hang light curtains of translucent fabric that will let in as much natural light as possible.

And finally: do not forget that the Scandinavian cuisine loves minimalism.

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