Five Favorite Flicks

One of ELZ's most favorite bloggers has tagged us in post, stemming from the original post "Five Favorite Flicks".  Since we (elz & pab) naturally each want to contribute, we decided to make our own individual list...

Childhood fav: Matilda
Husband-approved: Reservoir Dogs
True story: Girl Interrupted

PAB: (elz took the liberty to modify these categories accordingly...)
Childhood fav: Lady & the Tramp
Romantic comedy: High Fidelity
Most-embarrased to admit that I actually like: Pretty Woman
True story: Glory
All-time fav: Apocalypse Now

In addition, we are tagging two awesome bloggers to continue the chain: WishfulNals & et cetera.

Waste not, want not
elz + pab


the otherside cafe (boston): restaurant review

407 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 53-other

Mon & Thurs 11:30am-midnight
Friday 11:30am-1am
Saturday 10am-midnight
WHEN: February 2011
Bloody Mary rating: Excellent
This is truly one of elz's favorite brunch spots in the city.  An eclectic atmosphere, friendly staff, & fantastic food make this place a really reliable spot.  It's located at the end of Newbury Street, right near Urban Outfitters, Best Buy, Patagonia, American Apparel, etc. 
We were seated at arguably the best table in the place, a half moon table on the second floor overlooking the hustle-bustle of the kitchen. 
elz ordered the banana-orange-ginger smoothie
pab chose cream with some coffee
after for elz / before pab round 2
homemade biscuits served warm that do not even require butter, but you can imagine how good they are with the addition...
The best part?  They serve lunch & dinner too!  And have a fantastic beer selection.  

Buyer beware: there will be a wait during peak times.  Your name will get put on a list, and you must be present when they call your name.  If you decide to go shopping nearby, and come back and your name has been called - you'll get added to the bottom of the list as if you just arrived.  (This happened to us this time: we came back after 30 minutes of our estimated 45 minute wait, we missed our name, and had to wait again. But then we wandered off a second time, and conveniently came back at just the right time...we think the hostess felt bad for us and just sat us at the next available table. Whatever works, right?)
Waste not, want not

elz + pab


...and we are BACK!!!

We want to thank you all for your patience during our three month hiatus.

We are tremendously excited to announce that we are BACK and ready to share our culinary adventures with you!

But first things first: it is Sunday, we are hungry, and heading to brunch here (awesome, awesome spot at the end of Newbury Street.)