Five Favorite Flicks

One of ELZ's most favorite bloggers has tagged us in post, stemming from the original post "Five Favorite Flicks".  Since we (elz & pab) naturally each want to contribute, we decided to make our own individual list...

Childhood fav: Matilda
Husband-approved: Reservoir Dogs
True story: Girl Interrupted

PAB: (elz took the liberty to modify these categories accordingly...)
Childhood fav: Lady & the Tramp
Romantic comedy: High Fidelity
Most-embarrased to admit that I actually like: Pretty Woman
True story: Glory
All-time fav: Apocalypse Now

In addition, we are tagging two awesome bloggers to continue the chain: WishfulNals & et cetera.

Waste not, want not
elz + pab


wishful nals said...

cutest ever. lady and the tramp and matilda? i knew we were meant to be friends.

Rosemary said...

Welcome back! It's almost time to get the seedlings started for the new patio garden season.

Fresh Garden said...

Absolutely fantastic! ;D

KristaM said...

New Follower! Just having Matilda as your childhood fav has won me over! haha. When you get a chance, please visit my blog and follow: http://www.the-not-so-desperate-chef-wife.com

Thanks and look forward to reading more of your blog!