101: Vinaigrettes, etc

As a follow-up to our first vinaigrette post, here are some additional tips regarding vinaigrettes and salad dressings:
  • If there is too much vinegar (tastes too acidic), add more oil or balance it with a little bit of honey, maple syrup, or frozen juice concentrate, depending on the type of salad.
  • To make a lighter salad dressing, use seasoned rice vinegar or white balsamic vinegar, which are less acidic, so you’ll need less oil.
  • A creamy caesar dressing should have plenty of garlic, a little Dijon mustard, and Worcestershire sauce, anchovies optional
  • Making a salad with fruit?  Enhance the sweetness by adding honey or orange/lemon peel to the dressing
  • To give vinaigrettes and your salads a stronger kick, grate fresh ginger or garlic cloves instead of mincing them.  Tool for the job?  Rasp-style grater, like the original Microplane brand.
  • Most importantly, dress the salad just before serving, so it stays crisp.
    Compliments of our Bon App├ętit cookbook.
    Waste not, want not
    elz + pab


    flat patties: cambridge (harvard square)

    33 Brattle Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    (617) 871-6871
    Sunday - Wednesday 11:30am-10pm; Thursday - Saturday 11:30am-11pm

    Yelp reviews

    ELZ + PAB, along with RBJ, walked right up to the counter and placed their order at this local spot in Harvard Square.  Definitely a solid choice for a cheap, quick bite to eat.

    Clean, sharp atmosphere with friendly waitstaff, we ordered off the hanging menu board (pictured below).   This is the kind of place that may only have a few menu listed menu items, but in reality, endless combinations can be created.  That is, if you like burgers.  Picky eaters can take a basic burger and create their own masterpiece by choosing their own topping(s), and more indecisive folk (read: ELZ) can simply order a specialty burger like the BBQ Blue or Sunday Morning, which has toppings already selected to compliment one another.

    - The burgers were great, and the onion rings crispy.  Highly recommended. 
    - Try their smoked tomato relish, a great alternative to plain ketchup 
    - The chili cheese fries were alright, but a little over the top when paired with our other selections.  They might be better if ordered as a standalone snack.  
    - The custard was tasty, we may have overdone it with the homemade fudge.  If ordered again, we would pass on the topping. 

    elz + pab rating: 
    We would give this place another try (good)
    food: 7 of 10
    service: 7 of 10

    Waste not, want not
    elz + pab


    quick din, salad for one

    So last night ELZ threw together a quick salad before heading over to Bukowski's to meet a few friends for drinks.  Knowing that although this bar may appear dark & dingy, in reality this place whips up some great food options...ELZ was ready to compliment her salad with say, their buffalo chicken dip.

    After drinks, we headed over to the Berklee Performance Center to check out Warren Miller's new film Wintervention.  After all, we just got this ski share at Killington for the season, so we figured we might as well get ourselves motivated with some great ski clips from the world's greatest.

    Now it is off to Killington for the night to check out our new house for the season!  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend...

    Waste not, want not
    elz + pab


    And we're back...with five fun facts!

    Hello hello, good morning!  Although it has been way too long since our last post, we are excited for the the next few months: fall weather eventually turning to winter, fast-approaching holidays, and cozy weekends up in Vermont.   It may have been weeks since we introduced you to some tasty chocolate peanut butter bars, but we do not want to dwell on the past for one second longer...instead we are looking towards the future: today is a new day, right?? So cheers to our mini-blog-vacation, and here's to new, exciting things happening here on BK!

    ELZ is definitely excited for things to come, she has been brainstorming a few ideas & is looking forward to sharing - and PAB...well, PAB is in the Netherlands until Thanksgiving, so I am sure we will be able to count on him for an interesting post or two in the upcoming weeks...

    In recent conversation, we were talking about how it is amazing that we have actually reached 100 followers!!  When we started this blog, we had no idea that there was such a strong community of food bloggers, and how easy it would be to connect, read, learn, and share with other individuals all over the world who share similar culinary interests & curiosities.  All in all, this blog has been rewarding on more levels than we had imagined.  We sincerely appreciate the time you spend reading our blog, commenting on our recipes, and inspiring us to continue cooking in our tiny Beacon Hill kitchen. :)

    On that note, before we get back to our regular scheduled programming, we wanted to take a moment to share with you a little more about us, just for fun.

    Five fun facts about ELZ + PAB:

    1: PAB has lately claimed to be the "clean one".  The reality?  We both have our moments.   On any given day, one of us may walk in the door and seconds later it may seem like a tornado has hit our apartment.  But, on another day, one of us also may have cleaning supplies in hand and glitter in our eye as we race around eliminating the dust on the ceiling fan or cleaning the bathroom grout with a cotton swab.  (Hey, if we are going to do the job at all, we are going to do the job right.)

    2: We belong to a climbing gym.  PAB introduced climbing to ELZ, and now it is a regular after-work & weekend activity.  In fact, one of PAB's closest college buddies his very own climbing business in Dali, China.

    3: PAB has a dog that ELZ has happened to fall in love with as well.  Her name is Roxanne, and she is a a mutt.  She loves sleeping more than ELZ (which is hard to imagine) and is very cat-like (she hates water).   So although she may look a little bit like a pit bull, she really is just a cuddly, sleepy, adorable dog.

    4: We rented a ski house for the season with 21 of our closest friends in Killington, Vermont.  Prepare yourself for some recipes that are targeted towards large groups.

    5: Sometimes it is difficult for PAB to look directly at the camera:

    Waste not, want not,
    elz + pab