101: Vinaigrettes, etc

As a follow-up to our first vinaigrette post, here are some additional tips regarding vinaigrettes and salad dressings:
  • If there is too much vinegar (tastes too acidic), add more oil or balance it with a little bit of honey, maple syrup, or frozen juice concentrate, depending on the type of salad.
  • To make a lighter salad dressing, use seasoned rice vinegar or white balsamic vinegar, which are less acidic, so you’ll need less oil.
  • A creamy caesar dressing should have plenty of garlic, a little Dijon mustard, and Worcestershire sauce, anchovies optional
  • Making a salad with fruit?  Enhance the sweetness by adding honey or orange/lemon peel to the dressing
  • To give vinaigrettes and your salads a stronger kick, grate fresh ginger or garlic cloves instead of mincing them.  Tool for the job?  Rasp-style grater, like the original Microplane brand.
  • Most importantly, dress the salad just before serving, so it stays crisp.
    Compliments of our Bon App├ętit cookbook.
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    Lauren said...

    I really should make more homemade salad dressings. Thanks for the useful tips!

    p.s. anchovies are a must in Caeser dressing for me ;)

    Rosemary said...

    I completely agree with Lauren -- anchovies are not optional in my kitchen!!

    Elisabeth said...

    Really good tips for salad dressings. I totally agree, Lauren, and Rosemary. Achovies are a must in Caesar dressing...otherwise it would be totally bland.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Tracy Wood said...

    I really enjoy reading your blog and dreaming of your recipes. I just nominated you for A Stylish Blog Award! Keep up the great work!

    bethany said...

    Nice recipe condiments :) I would like to add this to my kitchen recipe.

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