flat patties: cambridge (harvard square)

33 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 871-6871
Sunday - Wednesday 11:30am-10pm; Thursday - Saturday 11:30am-11pm

Yelp reviews

ELZ + PAB, along with RBJ, walked right up to the counter and placed their order at this local spot in Harvard Square.  Definitely a solid choice for a cheap, quick bite to eat.

Clean, sharp atmosphere with friendly waitstaff, we ordered off the hanging menu board (pictured below).   This is the kind of place that may only have a few menu listed menu items, but in reality, endless combinations can be created.  That is, if you like burgers.  Picky eaters can take a basic burger and create their own masterpiece by choosing their own topping(s), and more indecisive folk (read: ELZ) can simply order a specialty burger like the BBQ Blue or Sunday Morning, which has toppings already selected to compliment one another.

- The burgers were great, and the onion rings crispy.  Highly recommended. 
- Try their smoked tomato relish, a great alternative to plain ketchup 
- The chili cheese fries were alright, but a little over the top when paired with our other selections.  They might be better if ordered as a standalone snack.  
- The custard was tasty, we may have overdone it with the homemade fudge.  If ordered again, we would pass on the topping. 

elz + pab rating: 
We would give this place another try (good)
food: 7 of 10
service: 7 of 10

Waste not, want not
elz + pab


Koci said...

Smoked tomato relish sounds heavenly! I want to try some it right now! hehehe

Lauren said...

This place kind of reminds me of b.good what with the different combos (but I guess without the healthy spin!). Looks like a great place for a quick bite.

lucy said...

it's lok like so delicious.thanks to informations