lordy, lordy...we found a keeper

Lord Hobo
92 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 02139-1504
(617) 250-8454
Open Weekdays 5pm-1am; Weekends 1pm-1am

WHO: ELZ + PAB, plus friends RBJ + MSR
WHEN: August 2010

Lord Hobo is a great spot for food & drink in Cambridge, located near Central Square.  It is a definitely a bar, but great for catching a meal.  The food is awesome, and there are spacious tables & booths to fit comfortably (you know, like how you want to be close to your friends...but not too close).  Lord Hobo boasts an expansive draft list (40 beers in August 2010), which they update regularly on their website.  Not a beer fan?  Never fear, their wine list & cocktail menu look amazing too.  ELZ has already decided that she would like to try the Cat Wagon (rain red grape hibiscus vodka, clear creek raspberry, lillet blonde, fresh lemon, topped with prosecco) on our next visit.

We really liked this place because the music was not too loud for a Thursday night.  Some bars make it difficult to hold conversations, especially while eating, but not Lord Hobo.  (PAB always yells when he talks, so no real difference for him) We were able to catch up with good friends over good food & good drinks, without a ringing in our ears or sore throat after the fact.  And a note on the food - it is great.  Good apps for sharing, interesting menu choices.

We highly recommend Lord Hobo to anyone interested in checking out a new place in the Cambridge area!  

elz + pab rating: 
We could easily be a regular here
food (for a bar): 8.5 of 10 
drink (awesome beer selection): 9 out of 10 
service (our waiter could have been more attentive): 7 of 10 

Waste not, want not
elz + pab

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Elizabeth Jarrard said...

Hi Elz + Pab!
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I hope we can meet in person soon! i just love finding new boston foodies!
I had a fantastic cocktail at lord hobo several weeks ago, and would definitely return. did you see that Eversave.com has a huge sale on their gift certificates?? I'm tempted to buy one!
Hope to talk more soon!