boston restaurant week(s), yay or nay?

For those of you reading from the Boston area, restaurant week is in full effect! From August 15-20th & August 22-27th, you can enjoy courses from dozens of participating food establishments with prix fixe menus for lunch & dinner.

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Held semi-annually in Boston, restaurant week falls within March & August. It definitely provides a great excuse to head out to dinner on a weeknight or other evening when you would otherwise heat up some leftovers. However, many individuals have lost enthusiasm for this much hyped occurrence.  While it is a great bargain ($15.20/$20.10/$33.10 per person), some believe consumers pay the price when they are shuffled in & out at lightning speed so the restaurant can maximize turnover.  Also, the prix fixe element allows restaurants to set (limit) the menu selection, raising questions around the quality and uniqueness of the food (is this food I am being served today really of the same level as any other day of the year?).

What are your thoughts on restaurant week?  Worth the money? A good representation of the service & quality of the restaurant?

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May Ling Wu said...

I use to love NY restaurant week, but I feel with the popularity it's gotten worse. First the price went up ten bucks. Also you only get the main or meat and have to add the sides so it adds up. Less choices etc. Blah! Not sure how it is in Boston.